A surprise tucked away..

Not being a partygoer, or even much of a drinker, my new years’ eves have always been somewhat boring. This year was still no party, but it was certainly not boring. An impromptu trip to a nearby town with family was quite memorable. Having been to Hampi a zillion times, I am quite familiar with the Vijayanagara achitecture. It was, indeed, a pleasant surprise when I saw the same architecture in a temple tucked away in a town barely 50 kms from my house. 

The Kolar town brings to mind the famed Kolar Gold mines. Of course, the chances of finding gold there now are as great as the chances of me getting up early tomorrow morning. 🙂

It’s quite a bustling town, nevertheless. The houses are plastered colorfully and the streets are narrow. Though the intricate craftsmanship in the temples stands out like a sore thumb in the town, the town is probably the reason why the temple is in such good shape. The sculptures on the temple pillars are almost intact.

The temple (Somnatheshwara) is complete with a Pushkarni, which is a hallmark of the Vijayanagar era temples. 
All in all, a quaint place which is so accessible for Bangalore that it makes it all the more worth it.


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