The blue line

You can tell how much having a baby was on our minds, or how naive we were, when we signed a lease for a tiny 1 bedroom apartment for our first year in Toronto.

Our first night in the new house, we find out about the pregnancy. It was all too sudden for me and to be honest, I was kind of in a denial. I could never imagine myself having kids and yet here I was. Was I ready for a baby, or is it possible to ever be ready? I guess not. You take baby steps (pun intended).

And what better time or place for a brand new phase of life – new country, new job, new everything. People say their lives change a lot after a baby, but our new lives were already in a flux. When we have a baby after a few months, it would be a part of our quest to find the new normal.

I see people with a few days old babies, doing their grocery shopping at Walmart or traveling to offbeat places and slowly, I am getting used to the idea that having a baby can be a manageable experience.

Maybe right now, you have a smirk on your face with a thought in your head  – let’s see about that. So you know what – yes, let’s see about that.



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